Wednesday, April 23, 2014
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Behavior Analysis Training Institute

Behavior Analysis Training Institute (BATI) was founded in 1984 by seasoned law enforcement investigators.

Our Investigative Interview and Interrogation Techniques course, was the first I&I course certified by the California Commission on POST in 1984. All instructors are all classified as "subject matter experts" by California POST.

Our training has been designated as mandatory training for many major law enforcement organizations throughout California.

Our 40 hour course, Investigative Interview and Interrogation Techniques (CA POST Plan 1 9590-31445), is the highest rated POST certified course of its type in California. We have over 14,000 graduates from most California law enforcement agencies as well as many State agencies and Federal organizations, including the FBI and Secret Service.  The program is also a "universal elective" course in the POST Institute of Criminal Investigation. Tuition: $481.00.

Our Cognitive Interview & Statement Analysis (CA POST Plan 1 9590-31455) course is the only one of its kind certified by California POST. Students learn the most effective and scientifically sound methods to detect deception and elicit information from victims, witnesses and suspects. Tuition: $614.00.

Our 8 Hour Course, Interviewing For First Responders (CA POST Plan NA 9590-31434), is a course for first responders responsible for the initial investigation of criminal cases. It teaches the methodology of securing a proper statement from victims, witnesses and suspects that will assist investigators and prosecutors in successful follow-up and prosecution. It incorporates concepts of information retrieval in a legal, professional, and ethical manner. Tuition: $138.00.


New Online Training

Behavior Analysis Interview and Interrogation Skills and Tactics Online

This is a "Live-Interactive" course of training presented in a one-on-one setting over the Internet. Your class will be developed and customized according to your individual needs. Each block of instruction (1 to 4 hours) will be accompanied by an additional hour of personal coaching designed to optimize your success as you implement the learned techniques.

Is this course for you?

If you have a need to know how to:

(1) Open people up and get them to talk with you'

(2) Evaluate the veracity and reliability of what is being said.

(3) Get the subject to provide truthful and accurate information.

Then this class is for you! No matter if your interviews are in person, over the telephone, recorded, or in written form, our techniques will work for you.

Some of the training topics available are:

• How psychology and physiology are involved in the interview process.

• How to manage the interview environment to your advantage.

• How to allow the interviewee to open up and talk with you.

• Techniques in question construction and delivery.

• Evaluating physical and verbal behaviors.

• Evaluation of written statements.

• The Cognitive Interview Technique.

• BATI’s Six Phases of interrogation.

Tuition costs:

The fees for your individual course of training are dependent on the content and the length of time necessary to successfully meet your goals.

To find out more:

For information on how we can design your training course , contact us.




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Class Updates

New dates just added:

Investigative Interview & Interrogation 5 Day

May 5-9, 2014    Winters, CA

See Course Calendar for more dates.

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